Swim Lessons at Casper Country Club

Casper Country Club proudly offers swimming lessons each year for beginners. To sign up for swimming lessons at Casper Country Club, please call Kaye Lynn Pinkerton at 307-251-6688.

Casper Country Club Pool Rules

The following rules have been enacted in order to ensure the safe and comfortable use of the country club Pool Area for all of our members, both young and well seasoned. It is the job of the lifeguards on duty to enforce all rules, which may include asking a person to leave the pool area if rules are not followed.

Sign In
Members and their guests must sign in at the Pool entrance upon entering the Pool Area.
Shower Before Swimming
Swimmers are encouraged to shower and clean off prior to entering the pool.
Appropriate Pool Attire
Only swimming suits are to be worn in the swimming pool, no cut-offs or undergarments. Diapers are not allowed in the pool, small children must use swim diapers.
Hair Requirements
Long hair will be pulled back and put into a hair tie prior to swimming.
No Swimming When Ill
Refrain from using the pool if you are ill.
Lifeguard Stand
The lifeguard stand is for lifeguard use only.
Weather Condition
In adverse weather conditions, pool use is at the discretion of the lifeguard.
No Smoking
No smoking within the fenced pool area (private functions excluded).
Individuals with abrasions, lacerations or skin ailments may be prohibited from swimming in the pool when deemed necessary by the Lifeguard on duty, for health purposes. All band aids shall be removed prior to entering the pool.
Child Supervision
Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult or childcare provider while in the pool area, unless the child is considered a qualified swimmer by the Lifeguard on duty. The childcare provider is allowed at the pool without a guest fee. If the childcare provider is not a member of the club they are not allowed to bring a guest.
No Flotation Devices
Floating devices are NOT allowed in the pool area unless approved safe by the pool staff and the child using the device is within arms reach of a supervising adult.
No Running
Running around the pool area is not allowed. Roughhousing anywhere around or in the pool is prohibited.
No Swim Attire in Clubhouse
Individuals in swimsuits are asked to cover up when they leave the Pool Area. Furthermore, swimmers are not allowed on the golf course or in the Clubhouse while in swim attire.
No Inappropriate Language
Inappropriate language such as swearing or other rude and vulgar language is not allowed in the Pool Area. Aggressive behavior is also not allowed.
No Inappropriate Behavior
Inappropriate behavior such as excessive hugging, groping or kissing is not allowed in the Pool Area.
No Glass
No glass containers are allowed in the Pool Area.
Pick Up Your Trash
Many trash receptacles are located in the Pool Area. It is your responsibility to pick up your trash.
No Reserving Furniture
Patio furniture and sun chairs may not be reserved or held. They are open to all who are present at the pool.
Guest Rules
Member’s guests, including extended family, are allowed in the Pool Area and must be signed in upon arrival. Each guest is allowed up to 6 visits a year, 8 for extended family, at a charge of $5 per guest per visit. Members must be present while the guest is at the Pool.
Violation of Rules
Should there be any problem with the oversight of these Pool Rules, you may bring it to the attention of the General Manager who will have final determination of the administration of the rules.
Amendments to Rules
The Pool Area rules may be amended by the Board of Directors during the season, and additions will be posted at the pool for all users to see.

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