Golf Rules & Regulations

It is expected that all those who use the golf facilities at Casper Country Club follow the Golf Rules and Regulations set by the Club’s Board of Directors.

Member Use of Golf Course
It shall be the general policy of the Casper Country Club, Inc., until determined otherwise by its membership at a meeting for that purpose, that the golf facilities thereof shall not be regularly denied to any member in good standing or to the members of his/her family, except that males may be excluded from the course on Tuesday mornings and females from the course on Wednesday afternoons, or during such hours as the Board may determine.
Abide by United States Golf Association Rules
All golf play shall be governed by the rules of the United States Golf Association and guests are requested to abide by these rules, except where local rules apply.
Authority to Manage Conduct
The Golf Professional or his/her designee has the authority to manage the conduct of play and may, at times, modify a rule to meet special situations.
Register Before Playing
All players must register in the Golf Pro Shop before beginning play.
Non-Member Use of Golf Course
A non-member may use the golf course a total of three (3) times per year as a guest of a member or as a member of a reciprocal Club. Guest and Reciprocal guest fees apply in all cases. All guests must register in the Golf Pro Shop by filling out the Club’s guest registration card before each round. Guests may use the golf course without the presence of the sponsoring member, so long as the sponsoring member has made prior arrangements with the Golf Pro Shop.
Tee Time Requests
Tee times can be made seven days in advance. A member may make only three (3) tee times per phone call. Members should be prepared to give all names of the players in their foursome when making a tee time.
Start from First Tee
Play shall start from the first (1st) tee unless directed by the starter or Golf Pro Shop personnel.
Players Stopping at Hole 9
Players stopping for lunch after nine (9) holes will relinquish tenth (10th) tee privileges. They may resume play only upon the approval of the Golf Pro Shop personnel or starter.
Authorization to Require Foursomes
At peak times, the Golf Pro has the authorization to require only foursomes on the course. The definition of “peak time” is at the discretion of the Golf Pro.
Sixsomes Allowed After Labor Day
Sixsomes are allowed after Labor Day and through May 15 with approval from the Golf Professional or his/her designee. The Golf Professional or their designee can require all six players in the group to use golf carts. All approved sixsomes will be required to play the course in 3 hours and 45 minutes or less. Speed of play will be recorded and documented by the Pro Shop. If such a group falls behind in their place on the course, the Pro Shop Staff has the authority to remove the sixsome or players in the sixsome from the course.
Foursomes Receive Preferred Right of Way
Singles, twosomes and threesomes may be required to form foursomes. Foursomes will at all times have the preferred right of way on the golf course.
Junior Golfers
Junior golfers under eighteen (18) years of age are allowed to play in accordance with the Golf Schedule published in the CCC Directory. Any deviation from the Schedule must be approved in advance by the Club Professional.
Establishing a Handicap
A minimum of five (5) posted scores shall be necessary before any handicap can be established and it shall be designated as “temporary” until twenty (20) scores are posted. Two (2) 9-hole scores constitute one (1) 18-hole score. Golf handicaps at the Club are governed by the GHIN USGA handicap system and there is an individual charge for this service. Handicaps for everyday play and internal tournaments at the Club shall use trends because they represent the most current handicap. All events with guest play will use the course handicap. All members participating in a Club sponsored tournament shall keep a current handicap at the Casper Country Club.
Golf Attire
All players of all ages shall dress in proper, tasteful, and generally acceptable golf attire as follows: Men: Fashionable slacks, jeans, Bermuda shorts, golf shirt (with collars), golf shoes or appropriate rubber soled shoes. Tank tops, tee shirts, cut-offs, sweat pants, tennis shorts or other athletic shorts are not permitted. Women: Fashionable slacks, golf skirts, jeans, Bermuda shorts, golf shorts, golf shirt or blouse (shoulder straps on sleeveless blouses should exceed 3 inches), golf shoes or appropriate rubber soled shoes. It is our hope that you are proud of the Club and that you and your guests will dress appropriately.
No Metal Spikes
This facility is a non metal spike facility. Proper golf shoes only. Tennis shoes with smooth sole are acceptable. No other type of athletic shoe is permitted.
Speed of Play
You must keep up with the group in front of you, not ahead of the group behind you. Slower playing groups should signal faster playing groups to play through if there is an open hole in front of the slower playing group. The maximum time for a foursome to play an 18-hole round of golf at the Club is four (4) hours and five (5) minutes. The USGA course rating is three (3) hours and fifty six (56) minutes. The Club may impose limits on the playing privileges of a member during peak times if the member frequently exceeds the recommended time allowed for playing eighteen (18) holes.
Raking Bunkers
Players are asked to rake bunkers after usage. Rakes will be left in the bunker and out of the line of regular play.
Dangers and Hazards
Golf is a dangerous and hazardous activity that can result in bodily injury, property damage and/or death. Such hazards include but are not limited to trip/slip and falls, falling tree branches, being hit by golf balls and/or golf clubs, and accidents related to their or others operation of golf carts. Persons playing golf play at their own risk. Lightning is a natural hazard of golf and the Club assumes no liability for golfers’ safety from the hazard of lightning and electrical storms. When the Club detects a potential lightning risk, the Golf Pro Shop will attempt to activate a warning system to discontinue play. (One extended blast of the siren.) The Club requests that all golfers find safe shelter until the all-clear signal. (Two short blasts of the siren.) After the all-clear signal, the players who have left the course during the lightning delay have five (5) minutes to return to their previous position and resume play. Players returning to the golf course will have the right of way over those who ignored the warning. However, golfers bear the responsibility for their own safety at all times on Club property.
No Replaying a Shot
Players shall not replay a shot to the green as a practice shot or try a second putt on the green as a practice putt if a following group is waiting to play.
No Range Balls
Range balls are not to be used on the course.
Good sportsmanship is expected of all members. Golfers shall refrain from throwing clubs, beating the turf or greens and/or using profane language.
Golf Carts on First-Come, First-Serve Basis
Club-owned (leased) carts will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and will not be reserved except for medical reasons.
Golf Cart Age Requirements
Carts will be rented only to individuals sixteen (16) years of age or older with valid drivers license.
Adult in Cart Driver's Seat
An adult (16 or older) must be on the driver’s seat of the cart when the cart is in motion. This provision includes use of privately-owned golf carts and Club-owned vehicles.
Drive Only on Cart Paths
For safety and maintenance reasons, players are asked to drive only on paths where provided. Carts should be parked with all four wheels on the path where provided. The Superintendent has the authority to mark Zero Traffic Zones on the golf course using a green line. Members and guests are not permitted to drive carts within these areas. Disregard for the Zero Traffic Zones can result in loss of cart privileges. Members with handicaps can apply for special consideration through the Golf and Grounds Committee.
Cart Traffic and Signs
All signs on the golf course directing cart traffic apply to all carts. Walking golfers using a push or pull cart to carry their bag should keep the carts at least 10 feet away from greens and never on top of the tees.
Privately-Owned Golf Carts
Golf members with private carts may not use them on the golf course unless they have had the private cart approved by the Golf Course Superintendent. The trail fee for the use of a private cart is the same as the use of a half or full Club owned cart under the same circumstances.
Golf Course Superintendent Rights
The Golf Course Superintendent has the right to close the course for play, or limit golf cart usage, for any reason (such as frost, dry Winter conditions or saturated turf).
Marshall Authority
The use of a Marshall may be utilized at the discretion of the Golf Professional. The Marshall will have the authority to ask members to adhere to the Golf Rules and Regulations. Members who consistently violate or refuse to adhere to the Golf Rules and Regulations will be reported to the Golf Pro, who will forward the information to the General Manager and the Board of Directors for any subsequent action.
Rules and Regulations at Discretion of the Board
These Golf Rules and Regulations may be modified and or changed at anytime at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

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