The ballots for the Capital Dues Increase were tallied on Wednesday, April 7th. The final count is 164.62 votes for the increase and 42.62 votes against. Thus, 79% of the votes were for the increase. The board thanks all the members for supporting the funding of the much needed improvements for the Casper Country Club. We will be keeping the membership informed during all phases of the irrigation, parking lot and pool projects.

Dear Casper Country Club Members,

You are invited to a membership meeting on Thursday, March 4th, 2021 from 6-7 pm MST. The meeting will be streamed live on our YouTube channel and a recording will be available. Board members, club manager, head golf professional, and superintendent will be on hand to present the proposed capital projects and capital dues increase. Any questions or comments are encouraged.

The plan is to give information on the state of the parking lot, irrigation system, and poolside food and beverage so the membership will be prepared to vote on a dues increase by mid-March. If passed the Club would be able to hire the necessary contractors in early April giving them enough lead time to begin construction in September with completion in early summer of 2022.

Below is contact information if you would like to contact us before or after the meeting


Chris Bradfield
Board President

Dale Telford, General Manager
702.524.7091 / [email protected]

Bob O’Neill, Head Golf Pro
307.277.7414 /  [email protected]

Scott McMillion, Superintendent
206.495.7193 / [email protected]

Monte McNamee, Treasurer
307.337.1340 / [email protected]

Chris Bradfield, President
307.215.9898 / [email protected]

Member CategoryMonthly Dues Increase

Parking Lot$950,000Sept 2021Nov 2021
Irrigation System$2,570,000Sept 2021June 2022
Pool Bar$50,000Apr 2021May 2021
Total Maximum Cost$3,570,000

Dues Increase Info

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Find more information on upcoming capital projects.

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Capital Improvements Proposal Numbers

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Irrigation Estimate

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Parking Estimate